VW Caravelle

7.500 € VB

 01665 Sachsen - Klipphausen
Anzeigennr.: 1482765256


  • Marke Volkswagen
  • Modell VW-Busse
  • Kilometerstand 222.300 km
  • Erstzulassung Juni 1994
  • Kraftstoffart Benzin
  • Leistung 108 PS
  • Getriebe Manuell
  • Fahrzeugtyp Van/Bus
  • Anzahl Türen 4/5
  • HU bis März 2021
  • Umweltplakette 4 (Grün)
  • Außenfarbe Blau
  • Material Innenausstattung Andere Materialien Innenausstattung


  • Anhängerkupplung
  • Klimaanlage
  • Radio/Tuner
  • Antiblockiersystem (ABS)


Here for sale is our 1994 2.5 ltr engine VW carravelle she runs and drives Great for a 26 year old van, we have just took her for a full service from a reputable VW professional which included brand new timing belt new brake lines as the old ones where worn, new LPG gas lines as this vehicle runs on Benzene/Petrol and LPG gas at the push of a button on the dashboard with a smooth transition from Benzene/Petrol to LPG, she has a new thermostat with all new gaskets so the air conditioning works great and also really good heat when needed, all gauges are analogue and work as they should, she has 4 good tyres and comes complete with a comfortable double bed which lifts up for a lot more extra storage, she also has a portable plug in refrigerator, a double top gas cooker, 2 camping chairs and some other bits and pieces for your cooking and camping needs. Ok so the bad parts to this vehicle is that we have a small issue with the sliding door locking mechanism which needs currently manually locking as it doesn't work everytime you lock the van which im sure can be easily fixed, and there are some areas of rust starting to appear which needs to take care in longterm. for any questions we would be more than happy to help thank's for the interest.
Best regards
Undine & Paul

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