Online Music and Production Lessons (Intensive Courses)

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Dear customer:

I'm offering online music production lessons for: 
* Beginners
* Intermedium
* Advanced

How works my program?

1.  We will do an initial online interview, as a first step I need to know you, your ideas, and your projections. (Recording, Producing, Playing Live or Dj or Technical knowledge for mixing or mastering)
2. After having the interview, I will create a customized program plan for your personal goals.
3. Initial Plan consists of 8Hours (480min) of Program, once per week, 2 hours per class.

Some of the topics that we could talk to get you inspired:
- Frequency overview &  Human ear anatomy.
- Psychoacoustics.
- Bussing, Send & Returns, Feedback Fx.
- Templates.
- Gain, Leveling, Headroom.
- Plugins.
- Sound Design, the order of audio effects.
- Audio Fx: Dynamic & Time (EQ’s, Filters, Compression, Delays, Reverb)
- Mixing and Digital Audio Mastering.
- Panning and stereo Imaging.
- Finishing a track
- Harmony, Rhythm, and groove
- Tips, Tricks, Work Flow, and more

16 Hours Intensive Course = 640Euro. 
(8 Lessons x 4 weeks x 2 times per week)
8 Hours Intensive Course = 360Euro.
(4 Lessons x 4 weeks x 1 time per week)
1Hour lesson = 50Euro.

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