Novation Launchkey Mini [MK3]

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Get into practice with Ableton Live - experience seamless music production with Ableton Live and your Launchkey Mini. You have all the tools available for deep and intuitive control from Ableton Live - including Device-Macro Control, Lane Selection, Recording, MIDI Capture, Clip and Scene Launch, Stop/Mute/Solo, Volume, Panning and Sends.

Get creative with the arpeggiator - Launchkey Mini creative arpeggiator is easy to use and fully controllable. It allows you to change rhythm, beats, patterns, octave, gates and more to expand your ideas and melodies in a variety of ways.

Play chords with one finger - Quickly set the chords for your track with Fixed Chord mode. Play a chord with just one finger by assigning a fixed chord shape to the keys as you move up and down on the keyboard.

Launchkey Mini accompanies you everywhere - send apps and program change commands to your hardware synthesizers via the MIDI output, or add buttons to your Groovebox via MIDI. The lightweight and compact design of the Launchkey Mini allows you to easily carry it anywhere. The hardware is powered via USB and is therefore ideal for travel and mobile jams.

Finest Grip Technique - Launchkey Mini may be small, but is packed with features. The device has 25 keys, 16 touch-sensitive RGB-pads, eight knobs, pitch and mod touch strips and a sustain input. Our best mini keyboard mechanism is also included.

DAW Integration - In addition to Apple Logic and Ableton Live, Launchkey Mini also has excellent integrations in Reason as well as all HUI compatible DAWs such as Cubase, Pro Tools and more.

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