Mesa Dual Rectifier Blackface Revision F, Vintage & Rare

Preis: 1.500 € VB


40668 Nordrhein-Westfalen - Meerbusch


Hey guys

I would like to offer a vintage Mesa dual rectifier revision F, a rare blackface version.

There are 5 different revisions for 2 channel Dual rectifiers. (from revision C to G)
All of those 5 versions of Dual rectifiers are sounding way much warmer, tighter and organic than recent 3 channel versions which have very trebby, fizzy and loose sound. And that is why 2 channel versions are more "respected" and regarded as pure dual rectifiers among all dual rectifier users.

And until revision F, the "famous" Schumacher transformers were used,
sounds far more articulate, aggressive and tight than the last revision G.
And this is the last version of vintage dual rectifier in revision F.

- There are signs of wear, road worn, but yet functioning perfect.
- Original US version with 117v usage (but you can very easily get the trans from on line)
- New tubes installed, and all rest of the parts are original

Local pickup would be preferred but I can also support if it is short distance delivery. Please feel free to come, test it enough, listen and feel the instrument All which is very important.

For sale only (no exchange or trade offers, please)

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