Meazzi Ultrasonic 20 Special 1969 - vintage combo Made in Italy

Preis: 200 €


78462 Baden-Württemberg - Konstanz


For true lovers of vintage Italian amplifiers!
Rare solid state version of the Ultrasonic model, very dynamic and touch-sensitive for the standards of the 60's. It can go from warm cleans to a solid crunch simply by turning the volume pot and without any need for tubes. Incredible!
2 channels, Micro A is tighter whereas Micro B warmer, 2 original 10" speakers, tremolo on both channels and a very low total weight. It has a remarkable amount of volume, worth trying as a back-up for your voice system too.

The amp has been completely serviced by a professional, its cable is brand new with 3 wires. Thanks to this improvement, now the ground of the amp is safe and you will not risk any small electric shock on your microphone or on your guitar strings. Furthermore, you will not have to deal anymore with the typical hum of old 2-wire cables. I will provide a new non-original tremolo pedal, since it was not purchased back in the 60's.

The amp is in Staranzano - Italy. Safe shipping with Mail Boxes Etc. Feel free to contact me for further info. Thanks!

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