Marshall JTM 1 Combo 50th Anniversary lim. Edition

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Verkaufe hier meinen Marshall JTM1C - 50th Anniversary Limited, in der einem top Zustand. Wenig gespielt und nur im Wohnzimmer ohne Rauch benutzt.

JTM1C Limited Edition der nicht mehr gebaut wird. Soundbeispiele gibts viele positive im Netz.
Er gibt aber den ursprünglichen klassischen Marshall Sound von sich... ;-)

Dieser Amp bietet den authentischen Marshall-Klang der 60er und dem dem 0,1 Watt Switch kann man ihn sogar in Wohnzimmerlaustärke spielen.

Part of Marshall's 50th Anniversary celebration, the Marshall JTM1C 50th Anniversary Guitar Combo Amplifier is a 1 watt, all tube amp that reflects the legend of 1960's Marshall tone and vibe. The JTM1C combo is designed and voiced to reproduce the sounds of the Marshalls of the '60s but at a controllable 'home friendly' volume.

The '60s Marshalls were famous for their full sound with a well rounded bass which is balanced by a bright airy treble. They were also designed for a wide range of guitar output levels, so were quite easy to overdrive at high volumes. The 50th Anniversary JTM1C combo amp has been designed to provide this distinctive tonal character at the surprisingly loud level of 1 watt. The simple control layout of Loudness and Tone enables you to dial in a great sound with the minimum of fuss. To add further to the 'home friendly' nature of the Marshall JTM10C amp, whenever the full 1-Watt output proves too loud you can hit the Low Power button on the rear panel to further drop the volume - enabling you to crank the loudness control to get the tone you desire.

The dual-triode ECC82 in the power amp is configured to work in 'push pull', just like the famous Marshall amps of the 1960s. When combined with the right level of feedback in the power amp, this allows for fine control over the dynamics, allowing you to clean up the sound with the guitar volume, or a lighter, picking touch, and then 'dig in' for some classic '60s Marshall growl.

The Marshall JTM1C combo amplifier is supplied with a 10 inch 16 ohm Celestion speaker specially voiced to provide the best balance between a compact size and a full sound. The combo can drive an external speaker cabinet of either 16 or 8 ohms at full power via the corresponding speaker output jacks on the rear panel. The 50th Anniversary JTM1C combo amp is also very happy driving a full 4x12 inch cabinet for the ultimate in mini Marshall tone of the '60s.

Marshall 50th Anniversary Amps All the 50th anniversary, 1 watt, all tube heads and combos are built at Marshall's factory in Bletchley, England, with a huge amount of pride. And, like all the products we build at our UK HQ, the amount of that all important, human hands on involvement and expertise is high.

Features: - All tube design with 2xECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes, 1xECC82 (12AU7) power tube
- Authentic JTM era tone
- Loudness (volume) and Tone controls
- Low Power switch on the rear panel drops the output down from 1 watt to 0.1 watt
- Celestion 10 inch speaker provides a full sound
- 8 and 16 ohm speaker outputs capable of driving a 4x12 cab
- Era correct cosmetics including block Marshall logo plus JTM detail and styling
- Commemorative 50th anniversary rear panel plaque
- Built at Marshall's factory in Bletchley, England

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