German for beginners online, Deutsch mit Muttersprachlerin

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 10967 Berlin - Neukölln
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Hallo, guten Morgen! Ready to learn German? My name is Melek and I’m an experienced native tutor from Germany. I specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate students according to the CEFR.

Do you want to gain fluency in German and use it freely during conversations or to pass exams? I can help you with that! I use a conversational teaching style based on listening and speaking, that presents vocabulary and grammar in a topic-based context. I communicate mainly in the target language, to create an immersive environment that will encourage and help you to develop your German skills quickly and respond and speak with confidence from the beginning.

I am a patient and encouraging teacher, I am aware of the difficulties and struggles when it comes to learning a new language. I can help you learn new vocabulary, improve your grammar skills, work on your pronunciation and help you prepare for exams. I teach both complete beginners and more advanced students.

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