Einfach Deutsch lernen! mit Geschichten und Comprehensible Input

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Deutsch lernen mit Geschichten!

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You want to speak German fluently while having a lot of fun?

This one is for you!

My name is Luca (f, 28). German is my native language and I’ve been teaching German and English to children and adults for years with great results.

l use Stories to help you get fluent in German super fast with a lot of fun and no pressure. With the method I use, you will learn a new language the same way you learned your first language as a child.

We will describe pictures and tell stories, ask, and answer questions. This technique can not only be used for beginners but also for advanced Students.

Studies show that Storytelling is much more effective than learning grammar rules because the grammar will be acquired naturally. This way you will be able to talk fluently without thinking about grammar. The same way you use your native language. You will be able to understand everything I say to you in German and talk freely from the very first lesson!

If you are interested in a tryout session please feel free to contact me :)

Every Lesson includes
* 60 min one on one Lesson with an experienced teacher
* a comprehensive and interactive learning experience
* Documents including:
* learning materials used in the lesson
* access to learning games and Quizzes relating to the lesson
* flexible timeslots from 8:00 am to 8 pm to fit your schedule

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