DS Custom Audio Electronics FFB (Unbuffer for Germanium Fuzz Peda

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Many musicians know how annoying it could be if your beloved vintage Fuzz is after a buffered Pedal. The Fuzz doesn't sound right and you are frustrated because of that.

The only solution would be to rewire your board and put the Buffer behind the Fuzz. But sometimes it's not possible to rewire anything, because you are using the Fuzz in a buffered Loop, or you are using a Wireless system.But now we have a solution for this problem, our FFB!

It unbuffers the signal and delivers the tone you are used to from your Fuzz pedal.


HB/SC Switch: Switch to select between Humbucker or Single Coil Mode
Trimmer (on the back): Sets the resistance of the simulated Pickup. Per default this is set to 10k.

Size (L x W x H): 112 x 60 x 31

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