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Beckerstraße 1,  12157 Berlin - Steglitz
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in den Räumen des Berliner Kunstvereins Beckerstraße 1
12157 B-Friedenau
Small groups of maximum 4-5 people and a homy atmosphere create a stress-free environment. German skills and social habits are the key to making new friends, socializing and feeling comfortable in a new home town. Adequate language skills helps you to be sucessfull in your job. We work with the book „Menschen“, Level A1-C1
Price: 18€ for one lesson (1h)
Info: 030/60501011

Privat lessons is a perfect choice to quickly and flexibly learn German. You chose the starting date, pace of learning and the themes. Before we start we will establish your current knowledge of German. Together we will talk about your specific requirements and study goals. I will help you to achieve your goals wether you wish to speak better German, prepare for a job or complete a course level.
Price for individual lesson: 35€ (1h)
Info: 030/60501011

Children German Courses
aim at supporting the child - from age 3 onwards - in acquiring these crucial language skills in an age appropriate manner. Creative activities such as pottery, drawing and handcrafts are part of the curricula to foster the use of their language skills in a giuded environment and to meet new friends. The teacher combines art with language learning and focuses on unleashing the children´s language capacity through arts in a joyfull environment. Maximum 4 children.
Price: 18€ for 1h

The courses are held by an experianced and certified language teacher.
She holds a Master in Art Therapy and over twenty years experiance working in Germany and Italy in kitas, public schools and language schools like DeutschAkademie, Linguarama, Modolingo. She´s fluent in Italian, English (C1) and Spanish (B2).

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