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EMU Additional Modules
Two additional modules are available to extend standard EMU performance: the DBW module and the CAN bus module.
The DBW module is required to allow EMU to control the electronic throttle and it is connected to the an AUX or an INJ output. The CAN bus module is designed to be connected to an EMU extension port and facilitates CAN bus communication. Additionally, there are 4 further analogue inputs built-in on the CAN bus module.
Note: The functions associated with operating the electronic throttle are used only for stationary testing (generators, test benches). For safety reasons, do not use the electronic throttle on a public road!!!
CAN bus module features
CAN 2.0B, 125-1000kbps bus speed,
4 analog inputs 0-5V, 10 bits,
plugs into an extension port

DBW module features
up to 7A H-Bridge output current,
only one EMU output required to control electronic throttle

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