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Dear parents

My name is Manuela, in 26 years old and im from Argentina. I would love to offer myself as a babysitter for your children as i have a lot of experience and i love kids.
My babysitter career started When My little brother was born, i was 13 years old and I really enjoyed looking after him. Over time, I started babysitting the children of my parents' friends and my younger cousins and get to work in a nursery.
After graduating from high school i made a Work & Travel trip to the united states and worked in a ski school and nursery for children, Taking part in the winter season. Besides did job, during did time in Colorado, i also worked making kids portraits for a photography studio.
I have a degree in filmmaking and design from the Buenos Aires University and during my senior year i made on internship designing educational entertainment content for children, on Argentina's state television channel, so i learned about different ways of pedagogy and stimulation, always through the game, so to discover the potential did every kid has.
so, thanks to all my experiences as a babysitter, i was able to notice, dass die I like to spend time with them. I love it with kids because they think I am innocent, As well as to use all that experience in my career as in audio visual designer, Because I am interested in Specifying myself in the area of content development for children.
I think I have a lot to give them, as much as They do to me, To start with. My mother language is Spanish and A1 in portuguese and italian. I love cultural exchange, that's why it would be great to meet different families and get to know them.
I hope you give me the chance. For any kind of additional information, just send me a message did I will be happy to answer your questions.

Best regards.


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