2. Kunst Bilder von LIZ-N-VAL aus New York City ( erste Werke )

Preis: 1.950 € VB


U2 Josephsplatz / Georgenstr., 80798 München - Schwabing-West
Bilder & Poster


Erstlings Werke von Liz-n-Val von 1984 bis 1986
Bilder: Leinwand / Acryl
Rahmen aus Holz
Masse: blau 100 x 100 cm
Masse: grün / schwarz 120 x 100 cm
Preise heute für solche Größen 6000.- bis 10.000.- €
Liz-N-Val is the moniker of the Eastern European art team Elizabeth Clark and Valentine Goroshko. They have been a working team for over thirty years inventing numerous conceptual Museums and the concept of Signature Art. Liz-N-Val have mixed a variety of mediums, drawing, painting sculpture and the combination of all of the above including language art.
Early Work

Steven Breslow wrote about their exhibition "Clark and Goroshko Rockin’ 80's," 1981, at White Columns: “Mixing multi-media, sculpture, painting, graffiti,[4] collage, conceptual language games in Russian and English and even earthworks,[5] into forceful forms that make gritty political and social statements,[6] they open a wide door into a complexly ironic and pluralistic mode of art which does not have a name as yet”.[7]

The artists together established new forms of Art,[8] including ‘Signature Art’,[9] ‘Abstractrealism’,[10] and ‘Talking Disco’. As a conceptual enterprise, they also created numerous Museums:[11] Museum Of Abstractrealism,[12] Museum of Truth-N-Beauty,[13] Museum of Something-N-Nothing,[8] Museum of Art After Art, Global Museum and Museum Of Everything.[14]

Their first public work, funded by the Bronx Council for the Arts, was a 24’ structure at The People’s Convention in South Bronx in 1980. It consisted of a tower, billboards, canvas and painted words: People’s Reconstruction. The local lumber yard donated lumber for the project. It was situated on what looked like a moonscape and only lasted a few days because the practical and impoverished local people took it apart and used the materials for themselves. The event received coverage by Channels 5, 7 and 11.

Soho walls, in the early 80s, were littered with posters hawking the latest novelties[15] Clark-N-Goroshko added their own conceptual posters to the neighborhood.[16] One poster, Sex Sports proposed ‘Sex Sports’ for the Moscow Olympics and another Sex Workers of the World Unite. Woman Wanted For Rape caused a minor riot in a local candy store.[17] The owner put the ‘Rape’ poster in the store window; soon a lesbian group threatened to vandalize the store unless it was removed. Ironically, the woman in the poster happened to be one of the artists, Liz.[18] Later, the couple set up tables on West Broadway, where they created a public interaction using the poster and passing out questionnaires; these materials were later used at Queens College in a class called “The Anthropology of Sexuality.”[19]
Middle Period

In the mid-80’s the artists decided to sign their work using their first names and became Liz-N-Val. One day, Liz-N-Val found a large piece of framed plywood leaning next to their door on Mercer Street. They promptly signed and copyrighted it with their name, creating a new kind of Art called Signature Art.[20] It received coverage in Art News in an article called “Trash or Treasure” by Eleanor Heartney.[21] They began signing Pepsi, Coke and V8 cans, one of which was bought by Leo Castelli.[22] They followed this with a Portable Museum in a shopping cart, which traveled around Soho, showing and selling Macintosh apples. The Portable Museum sold signed apples for $5.00 and unsigned ones for $1.00.

In 1985, when they were doing ‘Street Art’, they became involved in a lawsuit with Steven Spielberg.[23] At the time they were painting huge illicit heads on buildings all over New York. Spielberg was making a film called Batteries Not Included in the East Village and decided to include one of their heads in his film. Unfortunately, he paid some one else to copy it and even appropriated their name, Liz-N-Val in the image. Against everyone’s advice, Liz-N-Val sued him and won.[24] Around this time they did a billboard and were challenged by the owners. The billboard was l

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