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1997 Klein Quantum Pro MC2 stem:

- yellow pearl, extremely rare since yellow pearl frameset came with black stem. I bought this around 10 years ago from a US guy who had a lot of NOS Klein Quantum pro mc2 stem and parts. He had three yellow pearl In different sizes, many black, some blue Burgundy. He also have lot of other klein parts. I think it is orginale, it look orginale and the seller and rest og his parts sounds like it was orginale. It was not many US repainters in that periode. It also match my own yellow pearl frame well.
- length 120mm. The longest and coolest model.
- It is NOS. Never mounted.

The price is very good, all repainters charge around 150 euro for paint a stem. Normal price for a 120 stem is between 100-150 euro. 120 is the most wanted size, longest, best looking, most correct for a road bike. Also, i have not heard about any painter who have done yellow pearl before. So to get a stem like this painted, you need to send frame as sample, so you receive much shipping cost back and forth. All repainters have long waiting list too, 1 year or longer. This stem is a huge upgrade for any Yellow Pearl frameset. With this stem, yellow pearl suddenly become cool!

**** klein Quantum pro mc2 Road stem:
- race red. Extremely rare. I have only seen/ know 3 orginale race red Quantum pro. I own one of them self!
- almost impossible for you to find a race red qyantum pro, but it is a super rare and orginale klein item for collectors.
-80 mm long. The shortest one.
- orginale paint, used but mint condition.

Price each stem: 200 euro + 40 euro shipping.

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